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Plastic mould design

Plastic mould design

Plastic mould design, manufacturing and plastics processing are closely related. The success of plastics processing depends largely on plastics mould design effects and plastic moulds manufacturing, while plastic products is correct or not is based on the plastic moulding supplies.
Structural elements of plastic moulds design to be considered are as below:
1. Parting plane, is cooperating contact surfaces between mold core and cavity. Its location and form of the selected shape and appearance of the affected products, wall thickness, molding method, after processing, mold types and structures, methods and molding machine structure and other factors.
2. Gate system, the feeding channel from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity, including sprue, runner, gate and cold slug. Especially selected gate location should be conducive to the cavity filled with molten plastic flows in good condition, solid runner and gate attached to products on the cold material at the top of the mould is easy to be removed from the mould and (heat except channel mode).
3. Plastics shrinkage and the various factors affect the dimensional accuracy of products, such as mould manufacturing and assembly errors, mold wear. In addition, when designing plastic moulds, you should also consider the matching process and the structural parameters of the injection molding machine. In the plastic mold design has been widely used computer-aided design technology.
Anyone who want plastic mould design service, or want to find a professional plastic moulds designers, pls kindly contact us at obdmould@hotmail.com

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